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How it Works
Adaptive Internet provides 5G Fixed Wireless Internet Service to
homes & businesses backed by a direct connection to one of the
fastest and lowest latency fiber optic based networks in Western
Colorado. Internet service is provide from our Communications
Towers to your location using state of the art 5G Broadband
Microwave Technology. See our FAQ for more details.
Incredible Internet Service at an unbelievable price!
Residential Internet Speeds of up to 200 Mbps (in Mesa County) and
100 Mbps (in Delta County) and Business Internet speeds up to 200
Mbps offered both in town and in rural areas within our coverage area.
Way faster than dial-up, Higher Speeds than other Wireless Internet
Providers, Substantially faster than DSL, more capacity than T1s, our
network infrasturcture is designed to provide the speeds and reliability
not before available to Western Colorado residents and businesses.
November 2017 - Announcing
Internet & Phone Service in Grand
Junction / Mesa County (Grand
Valley) Now Available!!

Residents and Businesses are now able
to enjoy another option for high
speed Internet and Phone Services in
Mesa County (Grand Valley) and
within the City of Grand Junction.
Our first Fiber Fed Communications
Tower in the West Grand Junction
area is now open and ready to service
customers. This Tower provides
Internet Services roughly within a 2 to
3 mile radius of the Grand Junction
Mall. Additional service locations
throughout Grand Junction and Mesa
County will be opening soon!!
Locally Owned and Operated
Adaptive Internet has a vested interest in providing the best
internet connectivity and speeds available throughout our
coverage area in Delta and Mesa Counties in Colorado.
November 2017 - Announcing
New Higher Speeds up to 100
Mbps in Delta County!!

- Delta County Residential & Business
Internet Service Plans up to 100
Mbps!!! See the Delta County
Residential and Business Tabs above
for more details.

November 2017 - Announcing
New Fiber Connection to our
Delta County Towers:

We now have an independent fiber
connection from our Data Center in
Grand Junction, CO to our primary
distribution Communications Tower in
Delta County. This fiber connection
replaces our previous FCC Licensed
Microwave Feed. This new connection
gives us access immediately to 10x
our current available bandwidth and
provides a growth path to over 100x
of bandwidth expansion to support
our future growth in Delta County. 
Who we are
Adaptive Communications LLC (DBA Adaptive Internet) is a locally
owned and operated family business, operating primarily in the
Delta and Mesa  Counties of Colorado. We are now in our 5th year
of operation and have hundreds of customers throughout Delta
County. We continue to expand and add more tower locations and
service areas and we are now announcing the initial opening of
our towers in Mesa County / Grand Junction, Colorado.

Our networks in Mesa and Delta County are tied together through
a dedicated fiber optic network. In addition, our primary
Communications Tower site(s) in both counties are now fed
bandwidth directly by additional dedicated fiber optic
connections all  feeding back to our data center in Grand
Junction, CO. It is only through this backbone of fiber optic
connected Communications Towers that Adaptive Internet is able
to offer the Internet speeds that we do, at the prices that  we
are able to offer them.

See the "Our History" page under the "More..." tab for more
information on how and why we started on this journey of
providing internet and phone services.

We have a very simple philosophy on how internet service should
be provided. Please see the "Our Philosophy" tab above to read
about "Our Philosphy of How to Provide Internet Service" which
provides information on how we provide the best value, good
quality internet services at a reasonable price to homes and
businesses. On this page you can read and understand how we
operate and why.
November 2017 - Announcing
Internet Speeds up to 200 Mbps in
Mesa County!!

- Mesa County Residential & Business
Internet Service Plans up to 200
Mbps!!! See the Mesa County
Residential and Business Tabs above
for more details.
December 2017 - Mesa County
Approves 3 new Fiber Fed
Broadband Internet Towers for
Fruita and Clifton

These approvals include a tower West
of Fruita, East of Fruita and East of
Clifton. These will provide significant
internet bandwidth capabilities to
both residential and businesses in
these areas. With these approvals
Adaptive Internet can now apply for
the required access permits and
building permits. Construction is
estimated to start in February with
service being available by beginning of
April. Additional service locations
throughout Grand Junction and Mesa
County will be opening soon!!
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