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How it Works

Adaptive Internet provides wireless internet and phone service to homes &
businesses backed by a direct connection to one of the fastest and lowest
latency fiber optic based networks in Colorado. Internet service is provide from
our towers to your location using state of the art microwave technology. See our
FAQ for more details.
Incredible Internet Service at an unbelievable price!

Residential and Small Business Internet Speeds of up to 50 Mbps and Dedicated
Business Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps offered  within our coverage area. Way
faster than dial-up, Substantially faster than wired DSL, more capacity than T1s,
more consistent and reliable speeds than cable, our network infrasturcture is
designed to provide the speeds and reliability not before available to Delta
County Colorado residents and businesses. When you select a bandwidth plan we
deliver the bandwidth that you were promissed.
Locally Owned and Operated

Adaptive Interenet has a vested interest in providing the best internet
connectivity and speeds available throughout our coverage area in Delta County
**** Planned Outage Anouncement ***
September 2016 - Planned Scheduled
Internet Outage for Saturday
September 24, 2016:

We have been working on upgrades all summer long and
one of the large changes and upgrades we will be
performing in the morning on Saturday September 24,
2016. Internet Service will be temporary out from 7am
to approximatly 1pm . Yes 6 hours. We are sorry for
the expected length of the outage and there is never a
good time for an outage, but a Saturday morning has
the least impact to the majority of our customers This
is a very important upgrade and one of several major
upgrades we are working to get done before winter
gets here. If you have any questions or concerns
please call the office at 970-874-6300.

May 2016 - Announcing New
Simplified Internet Pricing:

We try hard to listen to our customers and we have
received feedback that our internet pricing had
caused some confusion. In order to make is simpler and
to streamline our internet plan offerings we are
discontinuing our 5Mbps plan (in almost 3 years we had
only 3 customers take this plan) and we have changed
our internet plan pricing to a simple whole dollar
amount. While this represents a $2.05 increase for
some plans it is only a $0.05 increase for others. See
our Residential and Business Internet plans for the new
pricing structure. Overall we think this will be simpler.

May 2016 - Announcing New Tower
Locations & more Towers coming soon:

We have been hard at work to expand and upgrade our
network to include more bandwidth, new service
areas,  and additional coverage in some of our existing
coverage areas. The past winters weather slowed us
down a bit but we are exited to announce the following
tower locations:
- South Garnet Mesa Tower - Already
Operational!!! Provides coverage West F Rd, E16th
St, Sunrisre Dr. & Sunset Dr. Criterion St Pioneer
Cir, Pioneer Rd and E 13th St Areas.
- Doctors Mesa Tower - Already Operational!!!
Provides coverage to Eckert, Orchard City, Cory
South Cedaredge as well as a large part of Delta
City, Ash Mesa and East of Delta City.
- South East Orchard City Tower - Tower Standing,
Almost Operational, Provides coverage to 2150 Rd,
2100 Rd, Kaiser Rd, Knight Rd, Vista Grande Dr, Keno
Rd and Austin Rd area
- West Redlands Mesa Tower - Tower Standing,
Almost Operational, Provides coverage to most
areas of Cactus Park Rd, Rimrock Rd, Cedar Mesa
Rd, Eastern parts of Cedar Mesa and North and
south of the West end of Redlands Mesa Rd.
- North Cedar Mesa Tower - Under Construction,
Provides coverage to all areas North East of
Cedaredge North of Main Street and East of HWY 65,
including up a large part of the Surface Creek Area.
Who we are

Adaptive Communications, Inc. (DBA Adaptive Internet) is a small family owned
business, operating primarily in the Delta County, Colorado area. We are now in
our 3rd year of operation and have hundreds of customers throughout Delta
County. We continue to expand and add more tower locations and service areas.

See the "Our History" page under the "More..." tab for more information on how
and why we started on this journey of providing internet and phone services to
Delta County.

We have a very simple philosophy on how internet service should be provided.
Please see the "Our Philosophy" tab above to read about "Our Philosphy of How
to Provide Internet Service" which provides information on how we provide good
quality internet services at a reasonable price to homes and businesses in Delta
County. On this page you can read and understand how we operate and why.
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